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Yoga Mats RestYourEyes™ - Eye Pillow Silk w flax seed

Yoga Mats RestYourEyes™ - Eye Pillow - Flax seed filled Silk Fabric.

Our signature black silk on one side with solid color or decorative fabric on the other.

When your mind is active, the eyes reflect that activity.

Quiet Eyes = Quiet Mind!

Our soothing silk eye pillow with weight of the flax seeds,
gently provides pressure to your eyes.

This promotes calmness throughout your body & mind
by cycling a message to your brain to slow down.


Take a break from your computer/tablet/smartphone for as little as 1 or 2 minutes!

The RestYourEyes™ Eye Pillow is available in all black silk or with a decorative fabric.
Flax seed filled and optional natural lavender scent.

It measures 4.5” wide x 8.5" long. Approx 7oz product wt (ship weight 1#)

Made in USA.

Our Price: $15.00